The best way to import from SketchUp to Rhino


The best way to get 3D I have found from sketchup to rhino is to use the obj export filter – this is a free download from the sketchup site. If you have textured the model the textures ride along with it and can be seen when rendered in rhino (V3 or 4). You need to look at how the model is put together in sketchup, esp if using layers to get the model into logical individual pieces in rhino – do a few tests. This is a smaller and cleaner file than going through dwg. Once you are in Rhino:

To open, import, insert, and attach a file as a worksession

1. From the File menu, click Open or Import.
2. In the Open dialog box, select the supported file type.
3. If the import can be configured, click Options to specify import settings.
4. Click Open, or press Enter.

Note: When Rhino opens a non-3dm model, the title bar reflects the name of the model that was opened. When the model is saved for the first time, this model name is entered as the file name.

  • SKP Import Options
  • Import faces asTrimmed planes
  • Imports objects as planar trimmed NURBS surfaces.


  • Imports the objects as mesh faces.
  • Join on import
  • Determines whether or not objects will be joined on import.
  • Edges
  • Joins edges.
  • Faces
  • Joins faces.
  • Weld angle ___ degrees
  • Sets the angle between faces to determine welding.
  • Embed textures in the model
  • Applies textures to the imported mesh.
  • Always use these settings. Do not show this dialog again.Saves the current settings and turns off the dialog display.

To turn the message back on Click Options in the appropriate Save, Export, Open, Import, or Insert dialog box.

Alternatively you can use this tutorial for model cleanup: 


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