How to import brushes in Illustrator

we have collected some of the best Illustrator Brush Packs from all across the internet. Floral, foliage, chains, snowflakes, sketches — you name it — we have put together 25 of the best brushes you can find for Adobe Illustrator. Here is how to load them:

And here are the links for downloading:

Marker Pen Strokes Illustrator Brush Pack (64 Brushes)

Marker Pen Strokes 64 illustrator brushes free

Floral Brush Illustrator Pack

Floral Brush Pack for illustrator

Decorative Chalk Brushes (10 Brushes)

Decorative Chalk Brushes 10 illustrator brushes

Grunge Illustrator Pack (13 Brushes)

Grunge Pack 13 illustrator brushes

Glare Fractal Illustrator Brush Pack (8 Brushes)

Glare Fractal 8 illustrator brushes

Paint Brushstroke Illustrator Brush Pack (15 Brushes)

Paint Brushstroke 15 illustrator brushes free

Victorian Vector Pack Brush Pack (10 Brushes)

Victorian Vector Pack 10 illustrator brushes

Kaleidoscope Brush Pack (10 Brushes)

Kaleidoscope 10 illustrator brushes

Wedge Illustrator Pack (19 Brushes)

Wedge Pack 19 illustrator brushes

Multi-Colored Paint Brush Pack (57 Brushes)

Multi-Colored Paint 57 illustrator brushes

Smoke Pack Brush Pack (10 Brushes)

Smoke Pack 10 illustrator brushes free

HQ Paintbrush Style Brushes Illustrator Brush Pack (27 Brushes)

HQ Paintbrush Style Brushes 27 illustrator brushes

Abstract Pack Illustrator Brush Pack (15 Brushes)

Abstract Pack 15 illustrator brushes

Marker Brushes (230 Brushes)

Marker Brushes 230 illustrator brushes

The Hairbrush Kit

The Hairbrush Kit for illustrator

Woodcuts Illustrator Brush Pack (6 Brushes)

Woodcuts 6 illustrator brushes

Glare Brushes (15 Brushes)

Glare Brushes 15 illustrator brushes free

Spanners Illustrator Pack

Spanners Pack for illustrator

Urban Squares Brush Pack

Urban Squares for illustrator

Awesomeness Illustrator Pack

Awesomeness Pack for illustrator free

Killer Retro Starbursts Brush Pack

Killer Retro Starbursts for illustrator

Little Bloom Flowers Brush Pack

Little Bloom Flowers for illustrator

Lino Cut Brush Pack

Lino Cut for illustrator

Floral Brushes

Floral illustrator brushes free

Vine Brushes

Vine illustrator brushes

Willow Brushes

Willow illustrator brushes

RMPL Line Art Brush Pack

RMPL Line Art for illustrator

Circles Brush Illustrator Pack

Circles Brush Pack for illustrator free

Christmas Illustrator Pack (35 Brushes)

Christmas Pack 35 illustrator brushes


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