Tips on high quality render techniques

PixelFlakes is a small but powerful rendering firm produces high quality render techniques, especially using Photoshop. Their site is a combination of a portfolio, blog, and tutorial guide. The best part of their site is watching the Monthly 1 hour Challenge, where all the artists at Pixel Flakes spend 1 hour a month doing a rendering. They work for foster, BIG, Aedas, Arup and many others. In this tutorial, Shipyard Postwork Breakdown ,PixelFlakes simply shows you a quick and effective method of turning a simple render into something life-like and photorealistic.


Illustrating an Architectural Plan in Photoshop

It’s quite often for architects to create mostly black & white page layouts for their project presentations. However some of the big players out there have already noticed that the way your project looks can make the difference between a successful presentation or a ok one, since as  most of you know first impressions count and clients sometimes have hard time reading a building plan, so why not make it easy for them.

Don’t get me wrong, i consider 40% of the success goes to the way you present your content, 30% goes to the projects complexity  the 30% goes to the project look.